The Mosquito Patch is an alternative prevention method to chemical insect repellants.

Let us help you lead a life free from mosquito bites.

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Customers all over America praise The Mosquito Patch.

We’ve worked hard to bring you natural, reliable bug repellant so you can enjoy the outdoors. Our passion is freeing you to go outside without the risks of itchy mosquito bites or harsh chemical repellants. You are the reason that we created The Mosquito Patch, and we love hearing all of the great things you have to say about it. Keep reading to hear how The Mosquito Patch has helped our customers enjoy healthy, natural bug bite protection.


The Mosquito Patch is a great invention especially when you hate the idea of putting chemicals on your skin that will peel paint or worse putting it on your children. The bugs in north eastern Saskatchewan are big enough they bypass sucking blood and just eat red meat. If the patch will work here it will work anywhere.

Hanz Meyer Mountain Creek Outfitters Carrot River, SK

Last night I was really getting bugged with those guys so I decided to try one of the patches, they really work.

Casey Childre, Foley Al

Thanks Tommy for the introduction to The Mosquito Patch. I also enjoyed our golf game together at Las Colinas. I was amazed as we watched the other teams spraying and swatting most of the day and no one on our team had any bites. You could definitely see the mosquitos on the course after all the rain in the Dallas area. I will be getting 50 packages for an outdoor wedding coming up in Charleston this summer. Let’s play again soon.

C Lang, Houston, TX.

As a father of four children living in Florida we spend a lot of time outdoors, and a lot of time and money trying to find products that keep mosquitoes away. Last summer my dad introduced us to Mosquito Patch. This product was simply a patch that kept the mosquitos off the ten kids and seven adults that where camping in the woods. This was the first weekend we did not have to "tolerate" the mosquitos. In my experience this patch works better for us than any spray, rub, or oil we have ever used. Thank you Mosquito Patch.

George Milton, FL.

Hi Tom, got the patches and shared a few with friends. We are always on the water and where we live is on a large canal with a big marsh and trees across from us. When the wind dies down, the mosquitos sound like small planes, but we are able to sit and work around the yard. Send some to a friend in Giana in South America, they are about 80% Rain Forest. She said the mosquitoes there are the size of jack rabbits and they are the favorite target and primary source of food for the horse flies. She wants to import the Mosquito Patch to her country. We officially have our first purchase order.

T. Bell Gold Coast Luxury Cruises Runaway Bay, QLD 4216

To Whom It May Concern:  My name is Jason Reynolds and I am the owner of Fetch and Fish Promotions. I train Labrador Retrievers for shed and duck hunting. I am an avid outdoors man. I currently shed hunt frequently and I am in the outdoors for days at a time. I am constantly exposed to insects and I always come home covered in ticks.  I was introduced to the Mosquito Patch a few weeks ago. Prior to using it I was apprehensive on whether it would work. After coming home several days in row with ticks stuck all over me, I decided to give the Mosquito Patch a run for its money. I used it for two days and came home without a single tick stuck on me. I had ticks crawling on me, but none of them were stuck on me. I am still in the early testing stage of the product, but as of now it has been a huge success. The product does exactly what it is supposed to do. Sincerely,

Jason Reynolds

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